Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Since idea showcase I haven’t done  lot since my partner switched schools. But what I did do is blogs! When she was here we came up with a long list of sponsors that we were going to ask to help out with our run. We were going to send an email to them and see if they would reply back, then later I sent emails to companies. And lastly since idea showcase I have found a new idea. Anna and I are going to make different kinds of headbands and then we are going to donate them to Cardinal Glennon. For my success and failures, I successfully planned what I was going to do. But my idea failed because I didn’t believe that I could organize a run without the help of a partner. But now I successfully have a new idea. My goals for the future is that I am going to try to fundraise at school, get the materials, make my headbands for my 20% time with Anna, then go and donate them. In the next 3 weeks it is very possible for me to make all of the headbands then go and donate them a little bit later.

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